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Interior Painting

Interior painting; there is simply no better way to change a room…or an entire home

The fastest way to a fabulous home is with interior painting.

If there’s one way to completely recreate your interior spaces, it’s with paint. A room can go from ‘fine’ to ‘fantastic’ in just a day or two. When compared to the cost of new furnishings and home décor items, professional interior painting is a cost-effective way to make a major change.

While many may consider interior painting an easy D.I.Y. project, there are many facets that can easily be overlooked by homeowners and business owners. Eagle Painting has been specializing in residential and commercial painting – both interior and exterior – on Cape Cod and Nantucket for more than 15 years. We understand exactly what’s needed to make an entire room look incredible, rather than like it’s merely had a new coat of paint.

Our process begins by with extensive preparation; careful sanding, scraping and cleaning, mending any imperfections in older homes and being careful of finishing materials in newly-constructed homes. We consider each surface of a room, not the just walls; the ceiling, wood detailing and doors – even the floors – before we begin painting. We can also offer color consultations if you’d like. We’ll make color recommendations on what will best highlight crown moulding and built-in cabinetry and shelves and, if your flooring is to remain unchanged, to complement this as well. Our professional painters will make the walls glow with color and the application will be flawless…guaranteed. For the dedicated D.I.Y.-er, we offer these helpful tips and links.

Interior Paints & Other Products

Learn more about the types of paints you will need to complete your interior painting project.

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View a full list of supplies that every indoor painting project will require.

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Preparation is vital to a successful painting project. See what steps you'll need to take before you even open a bucket of paint.

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Find step-by-step instructions for painting interior walls, from cutting in to finishing up.

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"Boxing" Paint

When using more than one can of paint for a particular job, "boxing" paint ensures color consistency.

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A critical step before painting, priming seals the surface and prolongs the wet edge of finished coats, reducing lap marks and ensuring a uniform color and luster. Find out all you need to know about priming your walls.

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Clean Up

Proper disposal and cleanup after an interior painting project are essential. Find out exactly how to clean up and dispose of any leftover paint.

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