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2015 TV Commercial

We broadcast our TV commercials for over 233,417 thousand households, there is a reason we are the fastest growing washing company in the Cape Cod, Mass area. We believe in the value of our costumers, and we know how important your home is to you.

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Give your living space a confident, vibrant look by applying a deep, saturated color on the walls. A bold color, even when used in limited doses, can add excitement to any room. Bold color palettes are impressive, inspiring and have many advantages. They are the colors most effective in creating ambiance, enhancing architectural features, and supporting interior design styles and décor themes. If you are concerned about the color’s impact on your space and wonder whether the color will be overwhelming, try using a bold color in small amounts. Perhaps you are unsure about whether you can coordinate and decorate with a deeper color. You’ll find that using bold hues in smaller spaces or in defined areas will minimize the color presence in your home and be an easier adjustment.

If you are not ready to commit to a bold palette in your main living areas, an excellent way to explore bold colors is to use them in areas that are smaller and more intimate. Bathrooms are excellent starting points. Take a conservative approach and paint an accent wall, or dive in and paint the entire room. A wall in rich brick red or deep raspberry will create drama, excitement and warmth. The kitchen is also a wonderful yet sometimes overlooked place to apply an intense color. Either the walls themselves or the cabinetry can be enhanced with an addition of brilliant color, such as a Tuscan red or a mandarin orange. Children love bold, vibrant colors. Paint your children’s rooms with a vivid color palette to bring joy and happiness to their day..

Stay tuned for more commercials, we are always doing specials and promotions just for you. Why want? Start saving money and your home today, contact us or schedule your estimate.