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Save Time

This one may seem backwards at first. The whole point of a sprayer is to get the job done faster. That's why they're used so often in commercial and industrial settings. But you're not painting the inside of a parking structure, or the outside of an office park, this is your home. To get the smooth, seamless coverage you want, to even out the paint and make sure it fills every pock mark in the stucco or every wood-grain in your clapboard, you're still going to have to follow the sprayer with a brush to create a professional look you can be proud of. You could do a first coat with the sprayer and a second with a brush, but that means two different methods of prep and two different methods of cleanup, which will definitely slow you down.

You may want to take the easy route and hire a contractor or use a paint sprayer to save time, but taking the time and effort to do it yourself, the old fashioned way, can be rewarding in many ways.

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